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It was a balmy day back in November of 1997. We (Rebecca and Sarah) were having some traditional Tex-Mex on the patio of the UT- Austin campus Taco Cabana  (Maybe a few margaritas too!) We were brainstorming. We were dreaming. We soon decided it was time to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives. And so November Design Group, Inc. was born. We started out in the "B" suite (left side of Rebecca's duplex in Pflugerville, a then tiny suburb of Austin.) Soon builders were realizing that we meant business. And we did. We've grown our shop into an award winning interior design and model home merchandising business (and have had fun the whole time!) We believe that our passion for design and love of everything beautiful should be shared. Our design team feels the same way. 

They too desire to transform spaces into memorable installations that keep people excited for what is around the next corner. Our collaborative process has inspired us all to not only think outside of the box, but to change the box into something special. Perhaps an orb. Maybe even a polyhedron. Our team members of current and past have influenced the way we think about design. We thoroughly enjoy the creative process (especially with some fun long lunches thrown in:) We have the best team in the biz. They are truly the nicest people to create along side. We all enjoy working with our respected clients and strive to please. Our team has forged many friendships with our customers, contractors and vendors and has helped shape our design group into one big family.


We work with brilliant builders, architects, furniture makers, artists, installation teams, and workrooms who continually strive to create beautiful and stylish spaces. And close to twenty years later we still LOVE what we do and show that love in all we do. And yes, Tex-Mex has given us all the necessary nurishment to do so.



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